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Happy New Year!

- January 16, 2019 Happy 2019!!

Over the holidays, I had the pleasure of attending several cigar events in the city and I promise to get better with trying to capture the moments to share with you. BUT it’s hard because when you’re truly engaged with the people you’re not worried about your phone; but, I vow to take more pictures to capture my journey. But seriously, with smoking cigars becoming the hottest trend these days, I sometimes feel that the true beauty of the cigar culture is being lost in translation. Where one could go and relax and clear his/her mind after a long work day. It wouldn’t be odd to see someone working, and or studying or a nice group of people having a great conversation. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good old HERF where the music is going and the sounds of dominoes slapping on the back table soothe my soul. But it appears now that on any given day and any time of day someone (non-member) has come into the local brick and mortar with no clue of cigar etiquette. Talking loud on the phone, changing the TV without asking if anyone was watching it first, or turning the volume up too loud, let’s not even talk about using the lounge as your own personal office where you take up seats with your bags and other gadgets. With increase of women smokers I’m constantly seeing that being a gentleman is non-existent. I digress. Let me tell you about what happen the other day, during my last cigar therapy session. I bullshit you not, I had a conversation. No a for real conversation with a stranger. Over the robust, elegant and refined smoke of the 2018’s Cigar Aficionado’s #1 cigar of the year E.P Carillo, Encore Majestic we chatted about life and our love of cigars. Without having to scream across the room we engaged in well thought out banter that lasted well into the late evening. On this night I remembered why I love the cigar culture. And how through smoking a great cigar and the art of conversation it has become like therapy for me. Life’s problems can be solved with a great smoke and the endearment from a true friend. The beautiful thing about the cigar culture is there is something for everyone. If you enjoy smoking in isolation or with friends, there are lounges that cater to your uniqueness. However, one of the TOP cigar lounge etiquette is respect your audience. Enjoy your smoking session without disrupting others.

Rank: 1 Rating: 96 Price: $11.50 Made By: Tabacalera La Alianza S.A. Factory Location: Dom. Rep. Dimensions: 5 3/8" by 52 ring gauge Filler: Nicaragua Binder: Nicaragua Wrapper: Nicaragua


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