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Welcome to Cigar Therapy!

Hey guys I thought it would be great to share how my love of cigars have transformed my life. Some people use different things to help them get through the difficult times in their life. Some start going to the gym, some go to church, but I found solace in cigars. Cigars have been my best friend when no one understood me, my lover when no one was there to hold me, my confidant I could trust with my deepest fears, heartbreaks, and biggest dreams and I knew I wouldn’t be betrayed. And then there was those times when I felt the weight of the world I could always hide behind the smoke until I was ready. I once thought that I fell in love with man over cigars but in reality I fell in love with cigars through the bull shit he put me through. They have never failed me through the good and bad times what was consistent was the pleasure I got from cigars.

So I’m inviting you into my therapy sessions I’ll share my world with you and we can live, laugh and smoke cigars together and heal the world.

Welcome to Cigar Therapy with Houston’s Own Certified Retail Tobacconist, Atticca~

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